Friday Pairs

SIBC Friday Pairs

  • Friday Pairs Begins at Southern Indoor Bowls on Friday 7th July until Friday 25th August 2017 for 8 Weeks
  • 9:30am start until 12:00pm

We will have *Prize Money of:

  1. Overall Winning Pairs Team                                                $400
  2. Runners Up Pairs Team                                                        $200

Weekly Winners $60 per Pairs Team (*subject to Full Capacity)

  • As the Friday Pairs has already being played at Brighton, we will continue to update all records from previous weeks to achieve the overall winners and runner-ups. The weekly prize will only relate to playing at Southern Indoor Bowls
  • At present we have 16 teams we now want 4 more teams to fill up Southern Indoor Bowls (Note: At least 1 player in your team must have played Div 3 on Saturday)

Please Confirm your Teams ASAP to: